1.     I Know What You're Made Of
2.     Outside the Box
3.     Continental Drift
4.     Fountain
5.     Angry
6.     Candle Creating Character
7.     Year 62
8.     Color To Ground
9.     Wealth Of Nations
10.    Risc
11.    Millie Plays Pretend
12.    My Town

All Songs Copyright 2001 P.J. Shapiro except:

Continental Drift Copyright 2001 P.J. Shapiro & Joshua Farber
My Town Copyright 2000 P.J. Shapiro



All Rights Reserved.  All of 'em.

Produced by Ellen Groves
Mixed by Frank Coakley at Big Fig, Cambridge, Mass.
Recorded at Alice's Pad Septagon, Bedford, Mass.
Engineered by Bill McQuaid
Mastered by Dave Locke at JP Masters, Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Graphic Design & Layout by Jesse Farrell

Performed by P.J. Shapiro

Email: pjshapiro@pjshapiro.com
Web: www.pjshapiro.com

Thanks:  Ellen, Frank, Bill, Jesse, Dave, Josh F., Geoff B., & Alice G.  Without your efforts and inspiration, this cd would not exist. 

Filmed entirely in Bartleyvision™.



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